Monday, 16 January 2012

Power Of Vision

Vision is not to make you frustrated but FOCUSED and Proactive! Like Dr. Myles Munroe stated in his book "The Power and Purpose of VISION"..."sight is a function of the eye, VISION is a function of the heart." 

Your vision should strengthen your heart and it should fuel you even in the worst of circumstances. When ever your life seems to spinning on a course of "NO DIRECTION" check your Vision. It may be tampered or lost.

Stay Focused and ever now and again revisit your vision, connect with the people that fuel your passions and give you motivation. Like my Pastor, Pastor Rickeno Moncur said in one of his sermons on Vision 'because vision is not limited to time and space and exists in eternity, every now and again you have to take a trip into your future (what you see /vision) gain inspiration, come back in time and be inspired" not verbatim but in so many words to quote.

In all be encouraged! keep Vision 20/20 and keep dreams alive.

Women Of The Word Outreach Ministry

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